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As the proud daughter of a Army Veteran, I understand the complexities of military life, and the toll it can take on a family. On the average, many service men and women move every 2-3 years, oftentimes with not much notice. Fact is, this has the potential to become extremely stressful. A MRP can assist to bring a sense of peace, and structure, to these times when life can seem hectic, chaotic, and uncertain.

While many in the civilian life have the luxury of planning a large move, the reality for our troops, and their families, is far from this. It's imperative that home searches, price negotiations, inspections, repairs, the walk-through, financing, title company, and more, are orchestrated and kept on track to ensure an on-time closing. The military service member (and family) needs to become functional as quickly as possible, in their new environment.

My goal is to support the service member, and their families during this relocation process. By not thinking "outside of the box", but realizing that "there is no box", ensures that strategic plans are, tailored and executed to fit each individuals need, goal, and timeline. By using technology to pre-select properties, having a virtual walk-through of those homes, being aware of local resources to assist the family, having VA knowledge of resources to help qualifying members take advantage of benefits, skillfully negotiating price, and being laser focused to seek a smooth and speedy real estate transaction is my goal. Call me today!!! 

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