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Military Relocation-After The Orders

As a proud daughter of an Army Veteran, I understand the challenges, and uncertainty of military life. Whether you are single, or are accompanied by a spouse and children, moving can be a difficult and stressful process for all involved. When military staff members and their families relocate, many times extensive planning it's a luxury they have. Their reality may only allow a few months or weeks to pack, move, and get situated in their new location.

It's imperative to find a real estate professional that understands timetables, and can go over and above (in many situations) to assist the family prior to visiting the new area. Because the staff-member may be transferred to an unfamiliar location, it's important that the MRP Agent jump into action. With the many technological advancements, it's foolish not to use technology when possible. By simply sending a series of homes with pictures, then having the agent visit the "short list" of homes and conduct a virtual walk-through (via FaceTime), this can be priceless. It's important to not only think "outside" of the box when dealing with military relocation, but to realize there is "no box". The fact is, each client is different, and every situation is not the same. Great MRP Agents understand that each relationship must be specifically tailored.

By quickly recognizing the needs of the service member (and their entire family), MRP Agents can bring a sense of peace to those preparing for the transition. A MRP Agent can help them to locate, and quickly negotiate, while staying on top of timetables to ensure all aspects of the real estate transaction will move towards an on-time closing. By doing this, it can make the home-buying process as seamless as possible. Like a domino effect, this in turn can allow for a less stressful move, and those involved can begin functioning and thriving in their new location. By having a MRP Certification, these trained professionals can find housing solutions, and assist their clients in taking full advantage of military benefits, and much needed support and resources. #MILITARYLIFE #MILITARYRELOCATION #VIRGINIAMRP #VirginiaMilitaryRelocation

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